Poetry: Suffering Mothers

Suffering is the great common denominator in life. Couple this with the unspoken motherhood, this post spoke to me. When you read, please remember to reach out to your fellow mothers.

The Heart Advocate

My heart aches for every struggling mother…

I ache for the mom who had to put aside her dreams for her children.

For the single-mom who is sick of her daughter watching her cry, as she goes to work, pay bills, changes dirty diapers, wipes runny noses, and cook meals with no help!

…the mom who is tired and sore but still makes time to play with her kids.

I ache for the single-mother who doesn’t know how she is going to pay her rent this month…

…the new mom who is suffering with postpartum depression while breastfeeding.

For the mom raising daughter and sons alone because their baby-dad is incarcerated or dead…

I ache for the mom who feels lonely in her marriage.

…the teenage girl who is pregnant while finishing her senior year of high school.

…the mother that .

I ache for the mother that had a…

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