A Fast Strategy to Decrease Negative Self Talk

Personal growth requires we identify traits and behaviors we need to improve. Unfortunately this introspection can become destructive if we use the wrong language. We all have things we want to “fix”. But we have to limit speaking negatively about ourselves.

An example is my personal struggle with patience. I tell myself all the time that “I’m impatient”. This language cements the idea that “I’m impatient” and makes it more a part of my reality.

The truth is I am patient. Cicely Tyson even told me so (true story).

giphy (1)

To cut down on negative talk, I had to recognize the negative phrases I repeated to myself. Once identified, I began to think of times when I proved them to not be true. I then flipped these negative phrases into positives and claimed the traits I desire.

“I am impatient” turns into “I am patient”.
“I wish I liked working out” turns into “I love working out

Take your improved self-talk into the world and find more opportunities to prove your new statements to be true. Put yourself in positions to be tested. How else will you know you’ve truly grown?


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