Work Mom: How To Survive A Job That Sucks

Photo Courtesy of For Harriet

Millennials navigate the workforce in a different manner than previous generations. Many have to leave jobs to finally see promotions and salary increases; this contributes to the idea that Millennials are job hoppers. This environment makes it difficult for some to even make it to a year in one position, let alone 5 years.


Here a few tips on how to survive a job that sucks:

Find someone in the office you genuinely enjoy

Having a work best friend can give you a space for catharsis and decrease isolation. If your friend has been at the company for longer, they can help you navigate the company culture.

To find your office friend, spend time by the water cooler and accept invites to happy hours. Eventually you will see who connects with your humor.

Put People into two categories

Place people into two categories: Those who are willing to help and those who are not. When you figure out who is there for you, make yourself available to them. Be of assistance when they need help. This is a great way to foster positive relationships at work which can often outlast the position.

Avoid evil people at all costs

Stay away from people who take you out of your character. Do not give them the time of day or opportunity to make you want to quit. If you cannot avoid them, put everything in writing.  If this person prefers to interact in person, download an app to record conversations. You never know when you will need proof of wrong doing.

Get a goal and remind yourself how this position fits in the plan

Take the time to create a 5 year plan and create a major goal. Look at where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. Examine your current position and how it will help you reach that goal. Often times, a job that sucks can provide the capital or skills needed for a project outside of work.

Know when it’s time to walk away

Draw your line in the sand and decide ahead of time what you are and are not willing to tolerate. Your mental and physical health take priority over any job. Once your health is in jeopardy, walk away.

Special note for the moms: It is not noble to stay at a job for money and benefits if you are depleted of joy and energy by the time you get home to your children.

If money is a concern, Check out The Budgetnista Live Richer Challenge

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