Transphobic Black Women: The Irony of Conditional Humanity

During a Breakfast Club interview on New York’s hip-hop radio station Hot 97, Lil Duval, trash comedian, thought murder of transgender women would make for a great punch line.

When asked what he would do if he met a transgender woman while dating, Lil Duval proclaimed,

“We not having sex. This might sound messed up, but I don’t care. She’s dying… You manipulated me to believe in this thing. If one did that to me, and they didn’t tell me, I’mma be so mad I’d probably going to want to kill them.”

While his statements are disgusting, the deluge of women in comment sections across the internet who agree with him is the problem. Specifically, Black women who agree with Lil Duval’s transphobia is the major problem that needs to be addressed.

Agreeing with Lil Duval that sleeping with a transgender woman is chicanery punishable by death does a few things:

Perpetuates a culture that says your body is not your own

Everyone has sovereignty over their own body. This is nonnegotiable. By saying that a person deserves to be murdered because they did not fit your norms of sexuality and gender, you are infringing upon that sovereignty. People are allowed to define themselves and the boundaries between themselves and society. You do not have the right to take this away from anyone.

Diminishes the humanity of another person

Blacks had to fight for society to see their humanity. Remember slavery? During slavery, your body was not your own. It belonged to the highest bidder who did what they wanted with it. When our ancestors tried to protect themselves, they faced death and torture of all forms.

How dare you turn a blind eye to the humanity of transgender women when it wasn’t too long ago that your relatives fought and survived for your right to simply be?

How dare you tweet #blacklivesmatter when you really mean #OnlyTheBlackLivesIDeemWorthyMatter? Humanity is not conditional. To make it so means you may not measure up to someone else’s standard of “human”.

Keeps men from having to take responsibility for their actions

Many Black women online have said transgender women deserve to be murdered because they “tricked” these men who sleep with them. Many believe that if one is a transgender woman, she is obligated to disclose this information immediately.

This idea can not exist in the same space as the idea that “no means no” and women can refuse sex despite alcohol intake. Men have to be held accountable for their reactions. Black women, we can not coddle men when they attack others then cry when it occurs in our own homes.

Protection of transphobia, especially online, protects the environment that allows for domestic violence and rape. We can not remove the sovereignty of another woman and expect society to respect ours.


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