Healthy Moms: How to Motivate Yourself To Eat Clean

I am often asked, “how do you do it? You meal prep, eat clean, workout, work full-time, have several side hustles, and you’re a mom? How Sway? How?!”. I usually respond with a blank face because when you put it like that you’re right to question how the hell do I do it all? How on earth is there enough time in the day?

As mothers, questioning how you made it through each day will leave you scratching your head, regardless of lifestyle.

It is not the how that is important; it is the why.

Rephrase your line of questioning to ask why instead of how in order to motivate yourself.

Why do you meal prep?

At the end of an almost 10 hour work day of cooking for everyone else, the last thing I want to do is be right back in my kitchen spending less time with my children.

Why do you eat clean?

Our days are hard as hell already. We fight several external battles at work in addition to our five-year-old who he wants to wear his underwear as a baseball cap.

I no longer wanted to fight my body on top of the every day battles.

For majority of my life, I fought those external battles while my body was fighting an internal one. Going through each day sick and tired while desperately trying to play Superwoman is not sustainable. I knew it was not sustainable. I saw firsthand what eating without thought or care does to a person. I was not willing to take myself out of my children’s lives before they were ready.

My time at the gym is exactly that: mine. What a sweet thing to think about! Going to the gym is all to yourself, all for you, and facilitated by you. I do not have to share. I do not have to worry about sticky hands or eyes peeking at me. It is me time and that me time literally keeps me sane.

Besides being a plant strong momma who lifts heavy things, I am also a momma who suffers from bipolar disorder and major depression. While I know it is chemically based, I stay as far away from medication as I can. All those feel good hormones that release when I run, jump, and lift keep me in my happy place without the nasty side effects.

Many people have called me selfish for living a health conscious lifestyle. I wish my critics understood that prioritizing health is not putting yourself before your children. It is putting yourself in a better position to be 100 percent present for your children. Feeling good on the inside touches everything you do. I am able to run and play with my boys even after that 10 hour day, work out included. I am my sons’ example of how to live a healthy life.

I am able to stay balance and well for them, not in spite of them.


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