Death: The Burden of the Baby Daddy

Alicia of MymomisMadandMoody reflects on her own coparenting experience to discuss potential burdens of such circumstance.

It’s important to gain insight on the experiences of other moms in order to decrease emotional isolation and to gain insight on possible solutions.

My Mom is Mad & Moody defines A Burden as something carried, a worry or sadness, or a responsibility.

Emotional as, pertaining to or involving emotion, OR actuated, affected, or determined by emotion rather than reason.
If we combine the two words we could come up with something like Emotional Burden or Burden of Emotions, either way, the intended meaning is the same.

My purpose is to finally put the notion of emotional burden by way of a child’s father, in its entirety to rest(death), for the sake of EVERYONE who can relate.

When deciding to become a parent you are committing to bringing a life into this world with hopes of taking full responsibility of all of their needs, keeping them safe, raising them to be the best person they can be, and promising to always be there. Ha! Yeah right, and I wish.  Parenting is…

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