Representation Matters: #FirstTimeISawMe

Photo Courtesy of Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds teamed up with Netflix to discuss the representation of Black women media. With the hashtag #FirstTimeISawMe, women of twitter took a trip down memory lane and celebrated the inspiring images of their youth.

Many spoke of how Black female characters taught them lessons of empowerment, being vocal, and aware. These characters helped young women find their voice and in some circumstances, find the words to express their thoughts on the world around them.

Girls need to see characters that look and feel like them. It creates a space in which young girls’ feelings and concerns are validated. Depending on the plot, girls can also learn how to persevere regardless of environment.

The influx of movies in which the main female character is not being saved by a prince, films like Moana and Frozen, shows that the media is listening.

Take a look at some of the tweets. When was the first time you saw yourself? Be sure to comment below and join the discussion on Twitter


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