3 Direct Ways Moms Reclaim Their Time

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) gave us empowerment gold during a House Financial Services Committee hearing while questioning Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Via Vox:

“When Waters asked Mnuchin why his office had not responded to a letter from her office regarding President Trump’s financial ties to Russian banks, Mnuchin prefaced his direct response to the question with a series of formalities — mostly compliments to Waters. Waters, however, was clearly wary that Mnuchin might be stalling in order to avoid answering the question, and repeatedly attempted to redirect him by insisting that she was “reclaiming my time” — a phrase rooted in House floor procedure

Maxine Waters Reclaiming My Time Gif


Mothers must reclaim their time now.

The first step to reclaiming ones time is to identify what is serving as a distraction from our higher goal and purpose. If a relationship or circumstance is pulling you further away from your goal, it is  wasting your time. The term “goal” encapsulates all ambitions: Career, personal relationships, self actualization, lifestyle, etc.

We allow too many things to steal our time. Once you identify these people, things, and circumstance, cut them off. Time can be reclaimed with boundaries and perimeters.

Reclaiming your time will manifest in various ways:

  • Stop giving time and energy to those not also working on personal growth. If you have figured out how introspection and communication works, going back to teach someone else takes a lot of time and effort. If the other person is willing to do the work with you (ex: a potential life partner), decide if that is time you are willing to sacrifice. (Need tips on how to get over a situation?)
  • Limit your time spent on duties. Mothers often get bogged down by domestic duties such as cleaning, cooking, and all child related responsibilities. If you are a single mother, tap into your resources for help. Can you get an aunt to chip in and give you a night off? Can you spare the extra money and hire someone  to clean for you? If you are married, tell your spouse that you need help. If you find yourself communicating this need and still not getting a response, you may have to examine how you are reclaiming your time within that relationship. (Less time cleaning allows more time for you to work on your self-esteem)
  • Proactively schedule time to replenish yourself and protect that time. You are not reclaiming your time if you readily give it away as soon as it becomes inconvenient. Practice saying “no” and “I’m not available”. (How about a girl’s night out?)

Thank you Auntie Maxine Waters!


3 thoughts on “3 Direct Ways Moms Reclaim Their Time

  1. I love Maxine Waters, she is so damn empowering. Your interpretation of us mothers utilizing this phrase of reclaiming our time for ourselves is inspired! I will be thinking of it in these terms from now on. Great post!


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