Conquer Heartbreak As a Mom: Stay Open to All Kinds Of Love

The concept of “giving up” on love is dangerous. It will poison all facets of life because life requires love. It is especially foolhardy to give up on love as a mother.

Motherhood requires love. Love is the source of maternal energy. Without love, mothers may find all-nighters with a newborn impossible. Love keeps a mother from giving up on a defiant adolescent.

Dating is emotional Olympics cushioned by high heels and dinner. It can be exhausting. It is valid, and at times necessary, to take a break. Take a break if you find yourself becoming bitter and hardened.

If you allow a disdain for love to grow, it will seep into your parenting. How can you raise a man in a loving and nurturing environment if you think all “men are dogs”? How can you convince your daughter that a healthy relationship with a life partner is possible but you no longer believe it for yourself?

Attempting to block one form of love will subsequently blocks others. Rebuking romantic love through words and declarations will block other forms of love like familial love and love of self. When we use words, we are communicating through a set of vibrations. These vibrations will shift energy. When we say things like “I’m done with love” or “I give up”, we are communicating to the universe. We are saying, “Don’t send me anymore love. I don’t need it.”

There are ways to keep oneself open to love and loving despite heartbreak.

  • Change the environment: Surround yourself with others who allow love to permeate all of their relationships and interactions.
  • Speak with optimists: Soak in the words of those who hold love in high regard.
  • Clean Up Your Media: Watch movies and shows with positive views on different types of love. Cut down media with negative insights.
  • Dive in to your self-care regimen: self-love is a great reminder to stay open and limber for love.



6 thoughts on “Conquer Heartbreak As a Mom: Stay Open to All Kinds Of Love

  1. I completely agree with this post. Its is so true that a heartbreak can change the way we parent and show love. We need not to be bitter about lost love but instead embrace the change in our lives and be open to love always. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from dating but as a new single-mother, I never bash or downgrade my child father. Thank you for this post. I plan to reblog for sure.


      1. My relationship with my daughters father just ended recently and its so hard but I refuse to fit the stereotype of arguing, bad communication and bitterness just because we are not together. We are still her parents. Great post again. Thank you


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